Do I need a partner?
The best way to improve your social dancing and to meet new people is to dance with lots of different people! That’s why we rotate leads and follows around the class regularly so everyone gets a chance to dance with everyone else. So no, no partner required. But if you can bring a friend who would like to be a Lead to your Follow or vice versa it helps with the balance ratio of Leads to Follow.

Leads & Follows – what is that?
Jive is a partner dance with a Lead and a Follow. As a Lead you will learn how to lead and communicate the dance moves when you are dancing with your partner. As a Follow you will learn how to be responsive to your Leads communication and how to add styling to your dance moves. Traditionally guys lead the girls, but in swing dancing leads and follows are always interchangeable! Just make your mind up which you want to do before you register for a course.

What sort of dancing shoes shall I wear?
When choosing shoes, think above all: comfort. Soles that don’t have too much grip on them are best, but there’s no hard set rule. If you want to splash out, some people go for dance shoes that have suede or hard leather on the bottom.

What should I wear?
Again, aim for comfort. No rules for this either, but best wear something you can move freely in. Please avoid wearing big arm bracelets or watches that could get caught in the dance.